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From Destiny to the Destination of Love

Love: it's a magical thing that God gifts us, or it's all you need. But in order to achieve this most precious thing, it will take time, patience, forgiveness, and sympathy. Love is not for those who give up easily. Daniela & Matt is a great example of this. Holding a wedding during the Pandemic time would be never an easy option. There would be no big crowd to celebrate together. Indeed, it was just a small ring ceremony with a few close family members and friends. Everyone had to wear masks and practice social distancing. However, their marriage is as simple as the beauty of true love is that can travel through time and distance. We're now looking forward to capturing their celebration at the end of this year.

Church: Basilica of Saint Mary, 310 S Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Looking for a photographer that can capture with heart and make every single moment of yours count? You can put faith in us to make it happen and beyond.

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