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Dreamy Cherry Blossom Engagement

Sally & Ronald is one of the luckiest couples to have a safe and beautiful Cherry Blossom engagement during the Pandemic time.

It may be the hardest engagement session we've ever taken. Not because of the couple, or weather, but how to make it happen. We all have planed together with the couples for this dreamy Cherry Blossom a long time ago at the legendary Tidal Basin. However, the situation rapidly changed and has become a national emergency. As of the time you read this post, it might still be ongoing. Tidal Basin is closed and understanding the social distancing, we had to switch to National Arboretum, an unpopular place. While it was still opening the day before, it was closed when we got there till further notice. I could not tell how upset they were since they have traveled a long way from Woodbridge. Sad news happened but we adapted the situation and quickly changed to Rawlins Park. It is a nice open park in the middle of DC with beautiful rows of Magnolia. Well, it was probably a nice story a day ago. When we got there, they were all wiped down by heavy rain!

As of this point, most of us will think about rescheduling but thinking of their sweet love and their excitement won't let me give up easily. We toured around DC and finally decided to fly to Japan...

Bad joke though! But I hope through my lens, you can feel like you are really in Japan, or somewhat in the middle of nowhere under magical beautiful Cherry Blossom. I hope this does not encourage anyone to try breaking any rule in this difficult quarantine time but inspire you that love is beautiful where two hearts meet at, not where it is taken place at. Please follow the guideline from the government and CDC, stay safe, keep social distancing, and sanitize every moment!

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