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How to Celebrate Your Wedding at Home during the Pandemic

We totally understand this time is very difficult to go through especially for those couples who have planned to celebrate their wedding in the next few weeks or few months. We know it is not an easy decision to postpone or even cancel your wedding that you have a long time dreamed about. As it is not clear when this chaos is going to end, holding your special day at home can be a great alternative option. In the next few words, we hope you can get inspired on how to turn your home into a beautiful venue and celebrate your special day safe and special from our recent wedding work.

First and foremost, think positively!

We know it hurts feeling when you cannot celebrate your wedding at the stunning venue with beautiful decoration. You will miss the crowd and the cheer from all of your family members, relatives, co-workers, and friends. It is hard to accept it's not going to happen. However, the world can change if we think differently!

Holding your special day at home or an elopement can be sweeter, extra special, more intimate, and more emotional at a certain level. In addition, you only need to spend a small fraction of the original budget. It can help you save a lot of money during this quarantine time to buy a home, a car, or to book the most amazing honeymoon journey once the pandemic is over. It's all about your mindset.

"It does not matter how big your wedding is, how you get married matters!"

Let's get it to work!

A quick tip: stay calm, get organized, and be creative.

Here’s how to do it:

1. It will be always the best to have a wedding planner so he or she can help you deal with all the vendors. However, it will not be as much stress as you think if you don't have one. Firstly, contact all of your vendors for the plan change and negotiate with them for the package adjustment or cancellation. Key vendors to contact in order based on the level of importance: Venue, photographer/cinematographer, Decorator, Catering, Cake, DJ.

2. Inform your guests and friends about the plan changes. Their presence on your wedding day is important but their safety at this time is even more valuable.

3. Work with your decoration vendor to see how you can completely turn your house into a stunning venue. Important elements that would make it possible are flower, sweetheart table, silverware, wedding gate, etc. If your backyard is big enough, you can set them up there and hang some led strings on air. If it is an elopement, the breathtaking landscape behind you is the most beautiful decoration already. Get inspired by the photos we shot at their home. Seriously, the decorator did an amazing job!

4. Since the wedding has been scaled down, the timeline will be simpler but still need to be clear so everyone can be on the same page. One advantage of it is that your photographer has plenty of time to capture the most amazing photos for you and the family.

The Elopement

5. Putting an additional touch. You can use your engagement session photos to turn a little corner of your house into a great story of how you guys met. We designed for our couple a pretty wedding guestbook so their family members can leave their wishes for this unique time.

6. Have an unforgettable night in your own way!

7. One last thing is to have an emotional ending such as romantic dance with smoke, sparkler sendoff, etc. Make this memory last forever!

The End

We hope you can get inspired by these ideas. Celebrate an intimate wedding can lead you to great emotions.

On our side, we promise to capture your greatest moments so that when you look back, you still wish to celebrate it millions of times over again.

Stay safe - Stay Strong - Think Positively

Our recommended vendors to make your day amazing

  1. Wedding Planner, MC, decoration: Celebrating Your Moments Now

  2. Decoration: Cristi Decoration

  3. DJ, Lighting, and smoke: It's Show Time DMV

  4. Hair & Makeup: DGorgeousMakeup

Looking for an Elopement or Home wedding? You can count on us to make it special.

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