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Beautiful Muslim Wedding at Diyanet Center of America

February 8th, 2020

Maryland, Virginia

Umar, Ashley and their families are originally based in Maryland, DC but the couple have settled down in amazing Tampa, FL for the past years. This time was like home coming journey; especially to celebrate their traditional Muslim Wedding Ring Ceremony as part of Umar's background. On the other hand, Ashley and her family are from American culture. I was totally amazed and stunned by how all ladies on the bride's side were gorgeous in Sharara (traditional bridal dress). What a beautiful wedding to capture !

It would be big missing if we did not mention about their amazing henna tattoo which is painted on the bride to symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering. It took hours to create such an art like that.

The rest is memory. It was such a great pleasure to witness and capture their special moments. They are beautiful couple and especially how adorable Ashley's smile was through every single moment !

In the end, what I regretted the most was that they were not allowed to kiss in the wedding day as part of the Muslim culture. However, a cold winter wedding in early February did not stop us from having so much fun though !

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